20 Gardening Tools Names That You Might Don’t Know

Our garden condition is always related to the tools that we use. So many gardeners need to know which tool to use for a specific task. By utilizing the right gardening tool, you can make the job much easier, so in this blog post, we will introduce 20 gardening tools names that can enhance your gardening experience. Also, we will briefly introduce some essential gardening tools.

Essential Gardening Tools

In the gardening world, there are some essential gardening tools that most people are familiar with those tools are essential for gardening such as gloves, forks, rakes, and shovels. Without these tools, you can’t practice gardening, which is necessary to keep your beautiful and well-maintained.

20 gardening tools names:

  1. Hori Hori Knife
  2. Garden Kneeler
  3. Hand Cultivator
  4. Soil Moisture Meter
  5. Plant Labels
  6. Grafting Tool
  7. Garden Twine Dispenser
  8. Bulb Planter
  9. Soil pH Tester
  10. Bypass Loppers
  11. Pruning Saw
  12. Garden Tiller
  13. Plant Rooting Ball
  14. Hand Weeder
  15. Garden Apron with Tool Pockets.
  16. Leaf Scoops
  17. Garden Hand Truck
  18. Dobber
  19. Weeding Fork
  20. Garden Twine

Lesser-Known Gardening Tools Names:

Hori Hori Knife:

The Hori Hori Knife is a multi-purpose garden knife capable of planting, cutting, digging, and pruning due to its sharp edge, serrated side, and high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and Persistent clarity. The Hori Hori knife is a must-have tool for anyone interested in gardening.

hoki hoki knife

Garden Kneeler:

The Garden Kneeler is an extremely useful gardening implement. It cushions kneeling to reduce knee and back discomfort during long gardening efforts. The Garden Kneeler can also be used as a seat to give gardeners a respite. This lightweight, compact tool is ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening. The Garden Kneeler is essential for planting, weeding, and harvesting.

Garden Kneeler

Hand Cultivator:

Hand cultivators are useful gardening tools. First, its tiny dimensions and lightweight construction make it simple to operate, enabling accurate cultivation in confined places or around sensitive plants. Second, a hand cultivator’s sharp tines may break up compacted soil, improving water drainage and root development. This tool also loosens and lifts weeds. Due of its durability and lack of power, a hand cultivator is a cost-effective solution. This tool’s ease, efficiency, and adaptability make it a must-have for gardeners.

Hand Cultivator

Soil Moisture Meter:

Gardeners need a soil moisture meter to measure soil moisture. This instrument measures soil moisture, helping gardeners know when to water. Gardeners may avoid under- and over-watering by utilizing a soil moisture meter. This gadget helps beginning gardeners and those who have trouble assessing soil moisture by touch. A soil moisture meter helps gardeners grow healthy plants.

 Soil Moisture Meter

Plant Labels:

Plant labels are useful and organize any garden. These little, informational tags are put near plants to help gardeners identify and monitor them. Plant labels assist gardeners of all levels recall plant names, traits, and care recommendations. It save guessing and remembering plant demands. Plant labels make gardening easy and orderly.

Plant Labels

Grafting Tool:

The grafting tool has several uses for avid gardeners. Grafting plants and trees is easy with its sharp blade. This tool gives precision and control for hybridizing or repairing plants. The ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue. The grafting tool has interchangeable blades for different plant species and procedures. This equipment is essential for gardeners who want to improve their grafting and plant development.

Grafting Tool

Garden Twine Dispenser:

The ideal gardening gadget, the Garden Twine Dispenser! Every green thumb needs this dispenser to make gardening easy. It dispenses and cuts twine without tangles or mess thanks to its sturdy build and ergonomic design. This multipurpose tool keeps twine close at hand for tying plants, anchoring trellises, and elaborate designs. With the Garden Twine Dispenser, gardening is easy.

Garden Twine Dispenser

Bulb Planter:

Any gardener can benefit from a bulb planter. This unique instrument makes bulb planting easy and precise. A bulb planter makes regular holes in the soil to place bulbs at the right depth for growth. It saves time and encourages root growth. A bulb planter ensures lovely blooms and a healthy garden when planting tulips, daffodils, or other flowering bulbs.

Bulb Planter

Soil pH Tester:

Gardeners need the Soil pH Tester. This simple gadget properly measures soil pH. Gardeners can choose plants and change soil conditions based on pH. For healthy plants, every gardener needs a pH tester.

Soil pH Tester

Bypass Loppers:

Professional and amateur gardeners can use bypass loppers. Bypass loppers cut branches and thick stems easily with their sharp, curved blades and long handles. These tools make clean cuts for healthy plant growth whether pruning overgrown shrubs, deadwood, or hedges. Bypass loppers are lightweight and ergonomic, eliminating hand and arm fatigue. Bypass loppers are essential for gardeners who want a well-kept and attractive outdoor environment due of their durability and versatility.

Bypass Loppers

Pruning Saw:

Keeping trees and shrubs healthy and attractive requires a pruning saw. This sharp, serrated blade cuts thick branches and stems easily.

A pruning saw helps you clip overgrown branches and shape plants professionally. Its ergonomic handle makes long-term use pleasant.

The pruning saw is easy to use and small, making it a must-have equipment for gardeners and landscapers.

Pruning Saw

Garden Tiller:

Both amateur and expert gardeners use the garden tiller. This tool breaks up compacted soil, making it easier to grow and plant different plants.

Garden tillers efficiently till soil, eradicating weeds and boosting soil health. Its ergonomic design and customizable features make it easy to use and alter tilling depth and width.

Gardeners may save time and get better results with the garden tiller.

Garden Tiller

Plant Rooting Ball:

All plant lovers can use the Plant Rooting Ball gardening gadget. This revolutionary tool lets gardeners air layer plants simply.

Then fill the rooting ball with soil or a rooting medium and secure it around the branch. Roots thrive in the rooting ball, promoting healthy development and propagation.

The Plant Rooting Ball is a must-have for gardeners of all levels to easily grow new plants.

Plant Rooting Ball:

Hand Weeder:

Gardeners need the hand weeder. Its sharp tip quickly burrows into the soil to eliminate tenacious weeds and undesired plants, making it a handy gardening tool.

During extensive weeding sessions, its ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue. The hand weeder works well for flower beds, vegetable gardens, and asphalt cracks.

Hand Weeder

Garden Apron with Tool Pockets:

Gardeners need the Garden Apron with Tool Pockets. This multipurpose gardening equipment usefulness makes gardening easier. Prune, trowel, and glove storage is easy with many pockets of varied sizes.

High-quality, long-lasting material makes the apron. Its adjustable waist strap ensures optimal comfort while gardening. The grow Apron with Tool Pockets lets you grow without searching for tools.

Garden Apron with Tool Pockets

Leaf Scoops:

Leaf scoops are multipurpose fall gardening equipment. These useful gadgets make garden cleanup easy. Their big, scoop-like form lets you collect and transport leaves without bending or using your hands.

Leaf scoops protect your hands from thorns, prickly plants, and other garden hazards. Leaf scoops make leaf removal from lawns, flowerbeds, and sidewalks easier and more fun.

Leaf Scoops

Garden Hand Truck:

The Garden Hand Truck makes gardening easier and more efficient. Durable and durable, this utility tool can accommodate a range of gardening materials.

The Garden Hand Truck can carry big pots, soil bags, or many plants. Gardening has never been easier with its ergonomic grip and smooth-rolling wheels. The Garden Hand Truck eliminates back strain and improves gardening.

Garden Hand Truck


Every gardener needs a dobber. The dobber simplifies planting and seeding. The pointed end makes dirt holes for precise seed or seedling placement.

The dobber’s rounded end compacts dirt around newly planted plants for maximum root growth.

The dobber gardening equipment is essential for each gardener.


Weeding Fork:

The Weeding Fork is strong tool is ideal for weeding dirt due to its sharp tines. Weeding Forks are great for keeping gardens weed-free and healthy, regardless of size.

Its ergonomic handle allows for simple handling and reduces hand strain. Weeding Forks make gardening easier and more fun.

Weeding Fork

Garden Twine:

Every gardener needs adaptable garden twine. Garden twine works for tying plants, training vines, and building trellises. Its durability supports and protects your plants.

Garden twine protects fragile stems with its soft texture. Any gardener needs this tool. Garden twine can be used to decorate and secure tomato plants.

Garden Twine


Those 20 gardening tools names that we presented earlier are not that essential, but they could make your life easier and transform your garden’s condition, so every Professionnel gardener needs such tools

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