Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant Care Tips

The Black Pagoda lipstick plant is a special and beautiful plant with leaves with a lightning bolt-style pattern. The plant is native to Asia and is perfect for beginners who want their first indoor plant. This post will teach us everything to keep this lovely plant happy and healthy.

This plant is called the black pagoda because of its distinctive tubular flowers that resemble miniature tubes of lipstick. With its bright red flowers.

Growing Requirements Briefly

Humidity:The plant can grow in humidity that is between 50% and 55%.
Watering:Once a week and make sure that the soil is drycompelitly.
Soil:The plant requires well-draining and airy soil.
Light requirements:You need to ensure the plant is exposed to super bright light all day.
Temperature:70F to 80F degrees (21 to 26).

Plant Requirements


You can fertilize the plant every single time you water it in the summer, which is the growing season, but in the colder periods, you need to fertilize it once a month.


The plant needs a very low amount of water so you can water your plant once a week or once a week and a half. You need to make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering to avoid over-watering. The water that you use needs to not be that to hot or too cold so as not to shock the plant


This plant is not that sensitive to the soil you can use any soil. Just ensure that the soil you use is well-draining and airy.

Light requirements:

Lighting is the most crucial step to follow to make sure that the plant grows well. These plants need a good amount of sunlight, so it’s better to keep them near a window to ensure they get super bright light all day.

Humidity and Temperature

This plant prefers to grow in places with low humidity, such as Arizona, so it’s better to keep humidity between 50% and 55% for the temperature lipstick plant black Pagoda prefers warm temperatures between 70F to 80F degrees (21 to 26).

Black Pagoda Lipstick plant flower

The Black Pagoda Lipstick plant can bloom and it s an indicator that the plant is in a perfect condition but its blooms are very minimal compared to the rest of what it looks like. The flowers has a unique shape and comes with many colors Orange, red, yellow,blooms. The Black Pagoda Lipstick plant generlly bloom in late winter and spring.

Some Black Pagoda Lipstick plant Varieties

Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’

This variety is known for its compact growth and vibrant red flowers.

Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Rasta

This cultivar is characterized by its unique, variegated foliage and bright red flowers.

Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Black Pagoda’

This is the standard variety with dark green leaves and red, tubular flowers.


This plant, called the black pagoda, is a really beautiful plant and easy to care for, but it’s a bit underrated nowadays. There are many varieties of it with different sizes and flower colors.

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