How To Protect Aloe Vera Plant In Winter

Aloe vera is an easy-to-care plant, but winter is not its season, so you need to be careful and avoid mistakes that can cause a loss of the plant. For that reason, you need to know everything on how to protect the aloe vera plant in winter, and this blog post will be your complete step-by-step guide to making sure that your plant stays healthy in winter.

How To Protect Aloe Vera Plant In Winter


Aloe vera plant loves a sunny spot, so move the plant to a full sun spot to make sure that the plant gains enough energy from the sun in winter and make sure to protects the aloe vera plant in winter from frost. A bright window with a minimum amount of morning sun will be perfect cause moving it to an open area will cause leaves to freeze.


If the temperature falls up to 10 or 12 degrees in your location in winter, you must move the aloe vera indoors to avoid growth problems or the leaves freezing.


Aloe vera is a water-sensitive plant, so do not overwater. You just need to water it once a week, making sure that the soil is completely dry. Overwatering can cause leaves to rot, stunted growth or even plant death. Always make sure that the pot you are using is well-drained.


Usually, aloe vera plant does not require so many fertilizers, especially on winter days. You should not fertilize it so much; just use dried banana peel powder every 20 to 25 days. Fertilizing can also cause stress conditions on the roots, and the aloe vera plant stops growing.

Soil requirements

A water-blocking soil mix will definitely cause a stressed condition that affects plant growth and makes it very slow. For that reason, you need to use a drained, loose and fertile soil mic that you can buy or make yourself by simply taking a part of sand cocopeat in half part of the compost and mixing them well.


The propagation of the aloe vera plant in winter is avoided. The perfect time for a pup’s propagation is in spring and early summer; therefore, you should wait for some days so you can get a healthy propagation.


Aloe vera becomes a bit sensitive in winter, so make sure that you keep it indoors if the temperature is under 12 degrees. Keep it in a non-water-blocking soil mix and check that the soil is completely dry before watering the plant. To Protect Aloe Vera Plant In Winter is not that hard if you follow those structures.

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