How To Build And Plant A Pallet Raised Garden Bed 2023

Garden Beds are very beneficial for any garden. They provide a perfect environment for plants and flowers, with good drainage and massive room for root growth. You can end up with the perfect plants using. Gardening beds But buying a garden bed could cost a lot, and for that reason, you can simply build your pallet raised garden bed that costs 0$ simply by using a single pallet.

Pallet Raised Bed

So, how to make a raised garden bed out of pallets?

This blog post will answer that question and will be your step-by-step guide to building the perfect pallet-raised bed for your garden.

How To Choose The Right Pallet For A Pallet-raised Bed?

Choosing the right pallet for your pallet raised garden bed is the foundation of the whole project, so it’s worth investing time searching for the perfect pallet. There are many factors to consider while looking for the pallet, such as the wood quality.

Pallet Raised garden Bed

The wood needs to be strong and in good condition. One of the most important factors is that the pallet needs to be chemical-free, So you need to find a pallet with no MB on it. MB means methyl bromide, which is toxic. The pallet that you will use to create the pallet-raised garden bed needs to have a stamp on it that says HT, which means that the pallet is heat-treated.

Necessary Tools

Creating a pallet-raised garden bed is easy, so it doesn’t require a lot of tools. This list will show you all the tools needed for this job:

  • Pry bar
  • Skill saw
  • Sawzall
  • 2 Clamps
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

Building A Pallet Raised Garden Bed

1. Getting wood boards

First, you need to start popping the nails out. For this task, you can use the pry bar or the skill sow, but it’s better to use the skill sow because it is easier, quicker, and safer. After all, you can damage the wood using the pry bar.

gardening in planter boxes

So, if you are using the skill sow, it’s important to adjust the blade so that the length is about the same as the width of the board, then start cutting carefully on both sides for the middle. You can use a Sawzall, which makes the task easier, but if you don t have those tools, you can easily use a pry bar and a wood saw. In the end you need to get 9 boards.

2. Creating the sides

Start by taking 3 boards and make them one side of the other on a table or any perfect surface so that you can use the clump. Clump those 3 pieces together by making two clumps on both sides. After that, take a piece of wood and cut it exactly at the height of the three boards. This piece will be in the middle of the three pieces assembled with screws. This whole process with be repeated two times so you can get two sides.

Creating the sides for  A Pallet Raised Garden Bed  2023

3. Creating the ends

Take the three other boards and cut them in the exact middle to get 6 pieces. Take three of these pieces and do the same thing you did to assemble the sides, but instead of making the bracer in the middle, make two bracers on both sides.

Creating the ends for  A Pallet Raised Garden Bed  2023

4. Assembling the sides and the ends

To assemble the sides and the ends, you will need to take four pieces of wood and cut them exactly at the height of the sides and the ends then start by placing each piece on each edge of the pallet-raised bed.

By following those steps, you can create any garden bed you want. So, this method is general, and you can use it with pallet measures.

Preparing the Bed for Planting


For the Pallet Raised Garden Bed, you can buy a bag of soil mix, or if you want it to be zero cost, you can make your soil mix using 20% organic matter and then simply add soil and mix it all. You can use well-aged shredded leaves to get better results, breaking down beautifully when added to the soil.

Choosing the plants

When choosing plants, it’s better to choose predictive plants for garden beds, such as lettuce and tomatoes, to help you make a producible garden. You can also make a garden bed full of flowers, and Dahlias will be one of the perfect choices for garden beds.


Making a pallet-raised garden bed is not that hard job, and it’s very beneficial. By following those steps, you can make one in an hour, but the main factor of the success of the process is choosing the perfect pallet.

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